Marriage and the Methodist Church

Many churches require membership in their faith for people who wish to be married in their church, but Methodists do not require this. Each local minister makes the decision of who will be allowed to marry in their church, and only an abiding faith is necessary. Non-church members are welcomed, and most ministers are willing to perform marriages for people who have previously been divorced. If one person is from another faith, the Methodist church is always willing to have a ceremony that includes an official from the other faith.

Each church and minister does have their own rules for marriage in their church, but many of them are not rigorous. A marriage license from the local authorities is generally a legal requirement, and the minister will perform the ceremony after an interview. Some do have particular restrictions, but being a member of the Methodist Church is not one of them. If a minister believes they cannot perform the ceremony, they will steer the couple to a minister who is willing.

Many Methodist churches are located in well-supported communities, and they have many amenities to offer couples getting married in the church. The bride will have a room where she awaits the beginning of the ceremony, and her attendants will wait with her. They have the opportunity to invite a wedding makeup artist to do the bride's makeup as well as that of her attendants.

Wedding ceremonies in the church come with a number of options for the couple. The couple is offered a choice of music to be played as their guests wait, and for the bride walking down the aisle as well as when the couple leaves the church. Some churches have an organ player on hand, and others have a wedding violinist or wedding saxophonist who specialises in music for these events. The choices are left up to the couple to decide what best suits them.

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