An Outward Focus

Because the Methodist Church and its members are focused on helping their fellow man, money to build new churches is at a minimum. Like congregations of many other faiths, church members raise funds for years to be able to build a new church. Buildings of stone with flying buttresses and gilded altars are out of the question in many areas, and a great many cost saving methods have taken their place. Necessities such as Bibles and a solid worship hall are still built to the strongest specifications, but extras have been cut down in the interest of using funds to help others.

Stained glass windows to enhance the look and atmosphere of the church are one area where costs can be cut with modern technology. Today's computer graphics programs can now be used to create windows that look like they are made of stained glass, but they use glass transfers instead. This cuts the cost because the windows can be normal flat panes of glass, and glass decals are applied to the surface.

When a new church is built, local building materials are used. Buildings are now designed to take advantage of materials that will cut heating and cooling costs, and they are also planned for low maintenance. All of these factors save the contributions and donations of members, and this enhances their ability to serve others in their local area.

Members of the church are expected to contribute, and help with any project is welcome. This is a faith where the voice of members is important, and their ideas help design new churches that save funds. Professionals in many areas can donate their services, and even people without a building background are allowed to contribute their ideas. This type of group cooperation is one of the most valued parts of the Methodist faith.