An Outward Focus

Because the Methodist Church and its members are focused on helping their fellow man, money to build new churches is at a minimum. Like congregations...


Religious Educational Opportunities

Bible studies for adults have lately become a way for them to expand their knowledge of their faith, but these have long been an integral...


Doing Good Works

Many churches have long focused on spreading their religion through good works, but the Methodist church has a different outlook. They have always accepted people...


Marriage and the Methodist Church

Many churches require membership in their faith for people who wish to be married in their church, but Methodists do not require this. Each local...


A Religious Dedication to Society

Part of the doctrine of the Methodist Church is to help improve society, and this includes the poor as well as those incarcerated. The church...

In the early half of the 1700's, John Wesley began preaching outside of churches as an ordained Anglican minister. This was the true beginning of the Methodist Church, and his sermons were preserved and have become the basic standard of the modern Methodist Church. His sermons, preached to anyone who chose to listen, were filled with the message that any person could receive God's love and forgiveness.

His message that any person can be redeemed in God's eyes has been touching people ever since, and the modern Methodist Church welcomes any and all people to attend their worship services. The ability to be part of the church is one of the fundamental values that people share, and each member is considered to be part of the church's administrative structure. Each church is part of the overall body of the faith, and this gives participants a sense of belonging. The Methodist Church is one of the most open churches of any Christian faith.